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Quartz tiles

Quartz tile application

Quartz tiles as a decorative surface of excellent material, is widely used in high-end establishments, home and work the ground, wall decoration, etc., and will be the artificial stone, marble and other stone tile update alternatives. Even high-end ceramic floor tile, ceramic wall tile, is also increasingly being used quartz tile alternative. Quartz stone tile is not only more durable and clean without tedious care, a variety of styles to choose from, you can certainly satisfied with the selection of quartz tile products. Compared to the marble tile, limestone tile, travertine tile, slate tile, granite tile and sandstone tile, quartz tile is the most flexible, the most hard to prevent the staining capacity of the strongest stone tile. This type of stone tile, colors are rich and varied, there is a solid color also has a mixed color, mainly depends on the type of quartz used. Quartz tile bathroom is an ideal material, with anti-fouling, waterproof, durable, non-slip properties. Quartz stone tile at the popularity of home decorating, including indoor and outdoor, to a large extent be attributed to the aesthetic value of quartz, its unique surface provides a rich variety of design and color. Us a very high regard for the use of quartz stone tiles for interior decoration, it will be the future trend.

Quartz tile characteristics

Quartz tiles are a non-radioactive pollution, high hardness is not afraid of scratches, with a variety of colors and gloss with good characteristics such as excellent building interior decorative materials. Quartz stone is a well-designed products, not natural stone. Quartz by quartz sand, mineral pigments, resin according to a certain proportion of the deployment, and status in a vacuum under the pressure into a billet, and polished by multiple processes to create the. This creates a unique, fashionable colors, and a very shiny surface. The higher the quartz content of quartz tile, there is better quality and better resistance and durability. All of our Quartz tiles have a 93% content adaptation. Quartz stone tiles of these features are ceramic tile, artificial stone tile, marble tile unparalleled, and it has a remarkable reputation, the appearance of fine, high-gloss look is so elegant. Quartz tile for the bathroom you can choose colors and lively, you can also choose a neutral tone of bricks, so you can at decorations, fittings or furniture on outstanding color.

Quartz tile customization

We can directly from our factory available to you, custom-sized quartz stone tiles. This includes any 12-30mm thickness, and 3050 × 1650mm within any size. All custom quartz stone tile will be processed and sent directly to you. Quartz slab used in interior decoration, the professional cutting processed into a variety of sizes, can be used as a quartz stone wall tiles, stone floor tiles. If you enjoy large-size quartz stone slab (3 × 1.2 m, 3 × 1.4 m, 3 × 1.6 m), directly as a wall, floor tiles used for decoration, you do not need cutting, we have produced the specifications of stone is the case. If you prefer to use conventional quartz stone tile (such as: 600 × 600mm or 600 × 300mm, etc.) we are all fully available to you. Customized processing quartz stone, accounting for 80% of our sales, which includes processed into different shapes of quartz stone countertops and quartz tiles of different sizes.

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