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Quartz countertops | quartz worktops

Quartz very suitable for countertops

Elegant luxury quartz surfaces, maintenance-free enjoyment, very suitable for use as countertops. Quartz countertops is an advanced process of slab production, and its appearance is similar to natural granite, rich color. Elegant quartz-countertops, whether it is shiny texture, or on a variety of liquid impermeable material, and its anti-fouling ability are other man-made-stone countertops, natural-stone countertops unmatched. Your kitchen countertops are the most frequently used in place of washing, cutting, cooking and so on are required to operate through the countertops to complete.

Quartz are used in kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops best material. Quartz stone countertops with a high hardness, and the quartz component of the kitchen, such as the use of acid-base has excellent corrosion resistance, the daily use of liquid substance will not permeate the internal quartz countertops. You can use the blades scrape the surface of quartz-countertops hysteresis dirt away without harming the surface slab. Used for many years after, quartz countertops are beautiful to maintain without special maintenance.

Quartz countertops in the manufacturing, processing, use, and discarded the whole process will not be people, natural hazards. Quartz countertops silicon as raw material, and go to miscellaneous purified, non-heavy metal sources, production of water purification treatment using their own cycle of water, not environmental pollution, recycling materials can be used as natural stone treatment, almost no damage to the environment. Quartz stone countertops really are environmentally friendly countertops.

Quartz worktops characteristics

1, scratching not bad

Quartz countertops contain as much as 93% of quartz, and quartz crystal is a natural diamond in hardness only to natural minerals, the surface hardness of high Bodhidharma's 7 degrees, the general home use of iron can not be scratched, wear and tear. Under normal circumstances, you can arbitrarily placed at the countertops a variety of household goods.

2, hot not bad

Quartz countertops in a natural quartz crystal melting point as high as 1300 degrees Celsius, is typical of refractories. Quartz countertops fully equipped with the ability of resistance to scald, and maintain a durable and smooth surface.

3, non-sewage pollution

Quartz countertops same surface and the internal structure of dense and homogeneous, low water absorption, an average of only 0,03%, basically there is no infiltration of the phenomenon. General kitchen use red wine, strong tea, juice, coffee and other substances can not penetrate into the internal quartz countertops, as long as the can after each use with water or neutral detergent to clean the countertops, there will be no liquid traces left at the countertops, sticky dirt at the countertops can also be used shovels to remove the cotton or steel wire.

4, no aging

Quartz countertops has a strong capacity of anti-aging and anti-fading capability, interior at the daily life of the long-term use will not oxidation, aging, corrosion, exposure to hot objects, such as discoloration and loss of reason shine. If not carried out under strong sunlight year-round exposure to the local contrast, it is difficult to observe to the naked eye quartz countertops surface color changes.

5, non-toxic, non-radiation

Quartz countertops rich colors mainly by the formation of mineral pigments, which are granulated before, and undergo strict dressing, washing and purification go miscellaneous, non-heavy metal impurities, but also non-existent problem of radioactive, are certified by the National Building Materials can be direct contact with non-toxic food hygiene materials.

6, cost-effective

Cabinets countertops because of frequent use of it is most vulnerable to damage, quartz countertops with a series of excellent physical, chemical characteristics of its long service life can be, the user no longer has to worry after the purchase surface scratches and repeated repair or replacement arising from the new countertops troubles and inconveniences. Quartz-countertops permanent use of one-time investment, once and for all.

Quartz countertops should pay attention to the problem

1. Are necessary attention to avoid the use of ultra-hardness scratch tool strongly zoned quartz-countertops, such as diamonds, sandpaper, broken glass, broken ceramics, high hardness alloy tools.

2. To avoid quartz countertops by local overheating. Local overheating will lead to local expansion of the countertops, resulting in surface cracking. Please note that to avoid open flame barbecue quartz countertops, high temperature to avoid placing containers directly at the countertops, it is recommended to use insulated pot pad.

3. To avoid hitting hard quartz countertops, especially the weak part of the countertops, such as cooking benches near the basin near the corner of the site, splicing sites, large-span of between parts such as cabinets.

4. Please quartz countertops in the use, after cleansing with water, if necessary, use a knife to the countertops surface shovel stranded structures. If you are using a non-neutral cleaning detergent products, please make the final rinse clean.

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