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Anti-fouling technology (Flash pollution)

quartz stone Flash pollution technology

Quartz stone revolutionary history of the development of technological innovation - Nande quartz stone, a good solution to the traditional polished gloss smoke pollution and the poor are two problems.

Nande quartz anti-fouling mainly has the following characteristics:
1. Super anti-pollution, ultra-bright luster;
2. Wear better and has better anti-skid;
3. Green, green.

"NEG quartz stone" anti-fouling the big winner
1. Antifouling, clean bright luster;
2. Wear better and has better anti-skid;
3. Green, green

Unique Process
"NEG quartz stone," used the anti-pollution technology. The technology is the industry's most advanced major breakthrough in advanced technology, as compared with common quartz stone, "Nande quartz stone" has three major advantages:
1. More anti-pollution, more wear-resistant: As the protective layer materials, the small particle size to nanometer, it is easy to completely fill the drilled surface of the pores and micro-cracks to ensure that drilling has a strong anti-pollution masks nature. Material between the stars, as well as materials and brick brick close between the molecular bond structure to ensure the brick with a strong resistance to wear;
2. A high gloss, super-slip; due to nano-scale surface hydrophilic material, the structure is dense, non-stick dust, so that the surface is more brightly, and the anti-skid excellent results;
3. Green, environmental protection; ultra-clean technology is the bright green organic material, transparent, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and more green.

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